Monday, 15 June 2009

Panik kejap

Life is back to normal. Yeah, we stirred the atmosphere which used to be calm with our presence .... and left the other corner quiet...

Whatever it is, soon as I got home, my son alerted me about our cat.... alahai I panicked ..... something was not right. I almost cried, kucing tu tak mahu makan, minum, jalan pun wobbling aje... alamak.. so used to so many people at home during holidays and today, he was left alone. But I suspected something amiss , apa benda entah.

I forced it to minum air kelapa muda... he, he,he ( lawakkan and nasib baik ada kelapanya) after some time dia refused tapi I managed to suapkan about 4 tablespoon. All in all more than 5 tabsp..... And nampaknya dah makan and minum and main kat luar as well as mengejar ayam ( his fav pastime)

Nak bawa ke clinic , dah tutup le pulak........

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