Sunday, 27 September 2009

Yang di sana dan yang di sini

Esok back to school. I sort of prepared myself with some kind of work for my students tomorrow. ( Went to kedai panjang kat belakang bus station tu )

Earlier had a chat with Aimi, was quite a long chat - more than 1 hr. YM is a lot cheaper of cos. (Abah dia sempat main chess lagi. Dasyat depa yang gila chess ni.) Happy to hear that she's doing fine and I would say happy. Equipping herself with arabic by having classes morning and night.

Aiyah, being so curious I tak habis-habis bertanya fasal Sg Nil etc. Kalau boleh wanted to see it with my own eyes , tengokle bila ye. U will only start in Oct, very soon. So, my doa' everything will be alright and she will be doing fine.

Esok, new day will begin; some friends already talking ( dalam FB) who will be the first to conduct pjj class from outside the gate. Ciss! not that soon. Kita kan ada banyak pintu, masuk le ikut pintu yang paling jauh ke, paling kecil ke or yang paling dekat. No such thing as pjj will ever happen in our territory kan.... and definitely for sure not the F6 teachers kan.....

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