Friday, 3 July 2009


Jagdiss U 6 Sc

Thevan 1 C4

Hafiz 5 Sc 1

Our weekly assembly this morning was quite a long one compared to the usual assemblies. The teacher-on -duty Pn Azizah , delivered a beautiful compact speech .She described the ' traumatic events' and I noticed the boys were all quiet paying their attention. It was a good information on that particular scientific findings. I find it so.
The peak was the bravery awards for our 3 heroes. Oh! what a pity, Jagdiss where were you? Of all the days , you could not make it today... otherwise I could have snapped your photo too.
Thank you and
Congratulations boys !!
True Cliffordians you are !!


ME, UNVEILED said...

Heroes in what sense my I ask?

ummuaimi said...

Well, if it had not been their alertness as well as their sense of belonging and love to the school then, we could have turned into history.he..he.. he... cannot say much kat sini... sensitive, sensitive