Sunday, 12 July 2009


Kami berladap lagi semalam. Ada 3 slots, okay, semuanya bagus, except perhaps the first one ada slight distraction as mentioned by our 3rd speaker he,he,he. Not properly attired. Ciss! cuba-cuba pasar saham ke apa ?

Yeah! Kemana ye kawan yang seorang tu? MIA lagi. Ini patut kena hantar Afrika ni , baru boleh MIA selalu.

Speaking of MIA, the past week events ( the unwanted ones ) were the climax. I just wonder how our friend sees things. In that particular situation, one with such responsibilities ought to be present to show that you care and and concern over your territory yet apa ke jadahnya menunggu dan menunggu sehingga the not so important event complete baru nak pergi visit the scene. If it had not been the courage of those who were there, those who came the moment they got the news then I just wonder and how if things went the other way round. What if.... what if..... How are you going to face the world ? MIA lagi ke?

Memang benarlah kejadian Allah kepelbagaian manusia ada di muka bumi ini.


ME, UNVEILED said...

this is very common at my place..every time we were the host of something, the big boss, the orang itu ini would MIA too...tinggal la kami terkontang konteng

ummuaimi said...

Camna nak ajor deme ni ye??