Monday, 27 April 2009

It's Monday

It's Monday again.Mmmmm I was among the early birds. A lot of things mentioned , done, discussed, carried out , bla..bla....bla...... Not forgetting some sembang kedai kopi. Someone brought up the istory of our BRM. There was this story of someone who wasn't prepared , kind of caught red handed for not keeping track of what to be written in the book, so scared was the person that dia misplacedkan BRM dia. Ada little bird beritahu sampai melepasi Laut China Selatan. Bior betui. We had a good laugh over that matter.

The day ended with a briefing and I think it's high time we have that kind of reminder. Kudos to our ****** I like the part where Harian Metro was quoted on our winning the Perahu Perak Championship. 'Despite sampan bocor , we managed to win' Perhaps the bocor isn't that big. What we are facing now is we've got so many bocors here and there. If we don't do any tampal-menampal activities we might karam la..... Now the Karam Singh library pun dah tinggal nama aje. takut kita pun follow suit juga..... Janganle.

Thus, the call for a briefing memang patut sangat. It's our responsibility la.... and that penerbangan one way trip ke alam barzakh memang sepatutnya menyedarkan kita tentang tanggungjawab masing-masing.

Mmmmmm nice piece of tots. Jazakallah.

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