Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Thank Q , Jazakallah.

The final hours..... it's nice to see close relatives, saudara -mara datang menziarahi sampai tengah malam. I feel so lega and seronok.
Thank you for all the concern.
Thank you to all my dearest friends who send wishes and concern.
Really, the thoughts do count. It helps lighten the burden.
Thank you to all our friends who help to chip in sedikit-sebanyak.
It helps a lot, really.
Thanks friends. I love you all. Good friends are not easy to come by.
The concern from saudara-mara , the wishes , the fund ,oh! that strengthen the bond.
In time like this we can rely on each other.
To all.... my heartiest gratitude for being friends and supportive.
Semoga Allah membalas budi kalian semua, jika tidak di dunia pastinya di akhirat nanti.

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Anonymous said...

Semoga semua yang dirancang berjalan lancar...
Atas tujuan apa pun, bertawakkallah kepadaNya.