Sunday, 30 August 2009

Mengemas ???

What's left of the holidays ...... managed to do some cleaning. More to go. When the school reopens, masyaallah, lagi kalut. Whatever it is, work must be done. And worse come to worst , I'll call the cleaning lady to do the spring cleaning. Wow! that will be the last resort. Ye ke pon?

One more day tomorrow, the curtains, yes, the curtains.... it's high time. Then go to the dobi le jawabnya. In time like this, with the unpredictable weather, hantar dobi is the most appropriate answer. Just spare the money,huh.

Itulah , hidup di zaman ini, semuanya perlu dibuat, perlu dikemas, perlu diberesi, perlu cantek, yet constraints sentiasa ada. Apa yang perlu ialah, ada orangnya , ada servisnya dan yang paling penting fulus perlu ada. Zaman materialistik....

Tak gitu??

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