Thursday, 8 January 2009


Can you see the letters Aliff lam lam ha on the date?

Subhanallah ! My PK offered us Kurma Nabi ( He just got back from performing hajj for the second time) He told us to look carefully at the kurma because a few others ealier on had theirs with the kalimah of Allah. So I was lucky to be able to grab one with the kalimah and was very happy indeed.I brought it home for my kids to see and of course took some pictures of it. I like all this bizarre things.....Allahu akbar!


DaNaSh said... are lucky to have one..

Zamrud said...

Really??? i just eat the given date, without really 'looking' at the date skin texture.

About the school website, we are creating a new domain. May be,it takes about two or three weeks to be launch. Just wait ya!

Muhammad Azli Shukri said...

maha suci Allah. orang kuala kangsar?

ummuaimi said...

To DaNaSh ,Yes, I was so happy indeed.Bukan senang nak jumpakan.

Zamrud, pastikan ia makin hebat. I lobi hard for you to be there.

To Azli, Yes, orang kuala, Kota Lama Kiri lagi.