Thursday, 1 October 2009

Speaking Test is coming

They had a MUET Speaking meeting recently in a new hotel somewhere in Ipoh. Mmmm... a friend rang up to ask why yours truly tak ada. The last season pun tak ada and for this coming October season pun tak ada, ngape ye? Someone is definitely missing me, he,he,he.

Well. it seems that once you decline the tugas ( for good reason of course ) you will be out for seterusnya. That's their line of thoughts. apa nak buat. I pun honestly not keen sebab after so many years doing it, memanglah membosankan.Nampaknya it's the second season that Nora is not around to handle the meeting. However, I tak terasalah sangat her absence (dalam meeting ) 'cos I pun absent. Others I think would feel such. Well, Nora, if you are reading this, I must tell you, we are missing you. I personally miss your visits and company as well as makan-makan laksa outing. Just wonder , how's life there.... lost ur email laaa.

The girls and the boys macam tak ready je... I gave them writing test today ( very difficult one) hmmm... berasap really kepala mereka and one class kata , 'dah lupa le macamana nak jawab " ... la ... apake henye?

Come next week, speaking, speaking, speaking..... all the best people.......

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