Monday, 1 December 2008


It's holiday again.
Macam-macam plan nak buat.
As usual I can never enjoy my holidays. Frankly speaking. Before the school closed, menyebukkan diri untuk normal duty as pemeriksa. A week away from school ,aha itu pun dah menambah stress. Before I left for the meeting, I must complete what need to be completed. So, mana ada can nak rehat.

Come holidays I would be buried in pages and pages and pages of 'writings' Pinau mata.
Letih otak ye. Complete this task , another one coming, ie my english camp pulak, for 2 weeks.
This is another headache. Fortunately , it's just a stone throw from my living room......
Next, I would definitely be busy with the office work pulak..... sampai le the school reopens Alahai.... kesian anak-anak tak merasa cuti sebenarnya.

Next the Hari Raya Haji le pulak.

I think I must do something about this , but camno yo ? Semua tu part and parcel of my job,tak leh nak tolak tepi.

Guess, I must tell them I need a break. Tak gitu. Apa-apa lah.

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