Saturday, 20 December 2008

Wow, keletihan . Tried my hands at some kind of heavy duty job, kerja kontrak la.. bancuh simen, cangkul tanah etc. It wasn't that long, only about 1 hour. Fooh! Enough for me. It's not that I'm not used to that sort of chores ( I had done it before when I was young) it's the age factor.

I really salute those ladies out there ,despite their age they could still work pushing wheelbarrow loaded with tonnes of bricks and under the hot sun lagi..... for survival. They are still around , at least in my area ,working at the construction site.( Walaupun dah ramai 'alien' around)


DaNaSh said...

salam kak s...what's up ?? what's with all the cangkul, tanah and simen..x kan nak bina rumah kut.

Zamrud said...

i think u missed something. 20th dec is my birthday...hehehehe.

anyway, nice blog. i'm sorry i cann't visit ur blog earlier. life are so bz. i dont even have time to update my own blog.

ummuaimi said...

Hi 'D',
Trying my best to prepare plot for gardening somewhere backyard.Nak check whether my fingers are green or not.

Dear Zamrud, Belated Happy Birthday to you. Kek chocolate ye when the shool reopens. mesti bake sendiri tau. Tq 4 visiting.