Saturday, 13 December 2008


This afternoon I attended a gathering organised by the"Old Cliffordians' batch of '59.( After 49 years) I was really impressed by the way they organised themselves. At this age they are still energetic, and enthusiastic (most of them ,frankly speaking) Worth mention, among them present were Dato' Mustafa Mansor( President Ol' C'dian,Pres. M'sian Manufacturer Assn) Dato' Abd. Rahim Majid ( X Perak Director of Edu), Hj Abdullah Nodin( X M'sian Soccer ),and Dato Zubir and many others also with 'datuk' title.

I was touched by the speech given by Tn Hj Abdullah Nordin ( the one in dark blue) who in his heydey represented Malaysia in soccer.Greatly admired by his batch( including Dato' Musa Mohamad x -Min. of Edu.)and fellow Cliffordians before and present for his skills and talent. He gave a down-to-earth speech that I hardly heard from any of his batch of' '59 before. A good reminder actually to everyone present .If I may quote 'At this age there's nothing more to look for except blessings from Allah. So, let's all of us seek for His blessings'. He had had all ( when he was young )and now there is nothing worth better than Allah blessings.

It's good to hear them reminisced about their days. I asked a friend what would it be like when we were their age.The reply was, 'If we have a chance' So, live your life to the fullest but you mustn't forget, there's nothing worth better than Blessings from Allah , ArRahman,ar Rahim. Go for worldly things or the hereafter, it's your choice,but remember 'life is just a brief candle'

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