Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Balik Kampung, he he he

What a nice tajuk I have. I wish I can balik kampung, really. I can't, cos this is my kampung. Where to balik, when you live in your kampung. Alahai.

Cuti pun dah almost over ( few more days to go) I think my cuti this time or as always will go kaput just like that without us going any where...Mmmm redho je lah. My other half ada project vegetable plot la pulak, then, our roof need some repairs, waiting for the men to come macam tunggu buah yang tak gugur. apa lah nasibb...

So, how else to spend your hols?? Thanks to google map. alahai.... the least I can balik kampung kejap virtually.... Ohh ... I spent hours juga browsing through or should I say navigating through the maps. Love it sooo much... I went through the streets I used to walk with friends years ago and it seemed not much changes.

Went along Seaview Road, Paihia, up to Binnie St where I live for almost a year, could not move further, nak tengok rumah lama tu... tak boleh pulak. Mmmmm but as I moved along Paihia Rd down to Kawakawa, it was soo .... dejavu kind of feeling... mmmm

Then, I went along ke May St, June Place, Cameron Road. Knighton Road and cruising juga. Ohh ...... balik kampung ...... tapi tak jumpa orang.. ha ha ha. Changes ada but not much so I could still see the old place... Went to the flat kat June Place tu, then ke private apartment kat May Street where I was masa final year.... sooo nice the feelings ... melayan perasaan..... Hu hu hu

Thinking of uploading the pics...

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