Thursday, 23 October 2008

I have just completed my latest assignment. All the claim forms, the data and the rest, helped my friend to complete the forms. Alhamdulillah.Siap on time In between a lot of things happened, I almost tripped off, tersangkut kaki kat wire computer, kat depan kawan-kawan pulak tu, and now sengalnya dah mula terasa.Fortunately computer yang terjatuh tu masih elok.Risau sekali. Apa punya dosa I buat hari ni.

Well, banyak lagi yang perlu di selesaikan before the holidays. This coming weekend is going to be a long one and for sure family comes first. Put aside the office work. Pergi rumah kenduri dan pelbagai lagi.However, can't really enjoy yourself , you can't help thinking about the work.

And today, I told a colleague (who is looking forward to the newly introduced scheme for teachers teaching in F6 untuk naik pangkat.) that the subject that we are teaching is not included in the package. Terkejut dia. Speechless. I told him ,I dah tahu lama. Redho le katanya, kalau dah tak ada rezeki. Lepas ni kita semua nak boycott tak mau ajar subjek tu, baru depa tau.

Speaking of rezeki, I really believe that kalau Allah dah tentukan you buat macamana pun you really can't change taqdir.

Anyway, thanks Nora for the discount (Tupperware) There will be more dealing in the future.

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